10 Feb 2019

Since midnight hundreds of thousands of people gathered at the Paltuding post preparing to climb Mount Ijen, which is at an altitude of 2480 musl, to the most dangerous place as well as a very beautiful place. Some visit to see the beauty of the Ijen crater, while others try to mine sulfur. Yes, they are sulfur miners in the Ijen crater who every day have to fight against nature for their families.
These miners started their activities at midnight, they set off climbing Mount Ijen with makeshift equipment, not because there were no safer equipment, but because they used tools that were easier to carry and faster. To carry sulfur they use two bamboo baskets connected with other bamboo stems. They carry baskets that weigh nearly 100kg through steep and rocky roads with cold temperatures and toxic fumes from the crater. No wonder they have a body that is stronger than normal humans.

Humped shoulders

Lifting more weight from their bodies using makeshift pickups makes the sulfur miners shoulder like humps. This happens to all sulfur miners in the ijen crater, they usually carry a burden of around 85-90 kg per day at a rate of around 10-15 usd. It's sad because sulfur is a very valuable commodity for cosmetic products.

Heart is 2 times bigger

Another thing that makes these miners worthy of being called supermen is nothing else because they have a heart that is twice as large as a normal human. It is not surprising, because the terrain they traveled to bring sulfur is very steep, especially toxic smoke which is very dangerous. According to some sources, sulfur smoke in the ijen crater has a dangerous level reaching 40 times the safe limit for breathing. So for those of you who are interested in visiting the ijen crater, you are required to use a special gas mask. Don't worry if you don't want to bother carrying a gas mask from home, you can rent it around the crater if it's still available. Or if you use travel agent services, you will get the facilities in the form of gas masks and sticks to make it easier for you to climb to the top.