24 Feb 2019

Bromo is a mountainous area and national park in East Java. Which in
in it there are still a lot of wild animals n places that are very beautiful as well as the air
still fresh. And a beautiful place that is a mainstay of tourism and is very interested in
foreign and local tours as follows: active lava, savanna, whispering sand or
sea ​​of ​​sand, teletubies hill, climbing one spot of sunrise n riding a horse at a price
realy cheap.

If you like cool and natural cool places and relax your body and mind
bromo place. because all the sights in bromo are very soothing.
Beautiful sunrise, mountains covered in thin fog in the morning, savanna too
a vast sea of ​​sand. Our active lava activity can see it very much
close. Plus easy road access makes the trip more relaxed and pampering
self. Everything is so natural.

Plantation residents can be found when traveling to and back from the Bromo area.
By using a 4WD jeep we enjoy a trip in the Bromo mountains
We also participate in supporting preserving these beautiful and natural places.
By fully supporting local environmental organizations with programs
the program. among others, freeing the area from garbage and plastic. And keep
to stay beautiful, green and natural.
With you join our program. It's the same as we collaborate to help
preserve nature and also you can enjoy the beauty of the Bromo area for
soothe your mind you can also meditate in the natural Bromo mountain area.
The impression and beauty of Bromo  will always be remembered. Because you won't
stated elsewhere as the sea of ​​sand, sunrise, exotic, active lava
near, the services of very cheap horse rides and mountains that add beauty
the area. Add wisdom and hospitality to the local people.

we are will provide detailed information about the activities of East Java Bromo travel. please visit our website, see some of our services and we will answer every question via email, also whatsApp